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I love things like these... [Nov. 28th, 2009|05:52 pm]
"He is a very great loss. He had a large loving mind and the strongest sympathy with the poorer classes."

That was from Queen Victoria, taken from a journal entry two days after Charles Dickens' death in 1870. I love both the genuine feeling of the sentiment and the regal detachment of it. Of one major historical figure commenting on another.
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Hey a Movie! [Nov. 21st, 2009|10:03 pm]
So sayeth blogger That Little Round Headed Boy, "This list means nothing, except to me. It's a list of 50 movies that gave me pleasure over the past decade. I can say without reservation that I would watch any of these again. Would I say that all of them are great films, however great films are supposed to be defined? Probably not. But that's nothing you need to worry about. Because it's my list."

I've seen this picked up at faves like Flickhead and The Sheila Variations. I like that he sets it at "favorite" not "best". These are mine, in order of year of American theatrical release.

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Wonder Boys (2000)
Best in Show (2000)
The Emperor’s New Grove (2000)
In the Mood for Love (2000)
Sexy Beast (2000)
The Devil’s Backbone (2001)
The Royal Tenebaums (2001)
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001)
Catch Me if You Can (2002)
Femme Fatale (2002)
About a Boy (2002)
Auto Focus (2002)
28 Days Later (2002)
Secretary (2002)
The Bourne Identity (2002)
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002)
Punch Drunk Love (2002)
Solaris (2002)
School of Rock (2003)
The Italian Job (2003)
Pieces of April (2003)
A Mighty Wind (2003)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)
Finding Nemo (2003)
X-Men 2 (2003)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
Shaun of the Dead (2004)
Million Dollar Baby (2004)
Hellboy (2004)
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004)
Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)
King Kong (2005)
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
Casino Royale (2006)
Dreamgirls (2006)
For Your Consideration (2006)
Hot Fuzz (2007)
Eastern Promises (2007)
Caramel (2007)
Enchanted (2007)  
Milk (2008)
Pineapple Express (2008)
Let the Right One In (2008)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
WALL-E (2008)
Chocolate (2008)
This is It (2009)
Star Trek (2009)
Inglourious Basterds (2009)
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Picture Picture [Apr. 12th, 2009|09:10 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

mudpuppy83  picked a pack of:

Late 70s model Margaux Hemingway, sister to Muriel. Icon made by suspiriorum . I like the blues in the photo, and I'm facinated by the coke fueled models and rock stars Studio 54 scene.

Saw this, had to right click save it. It's Evil!Superman enjoying a drink after a hard day's work of growing a five o'clock shadow. It's perfect for those "Frak the world and every last frakkin' person in it" venting posts.

Detail from "Exotique" from one of my favorite cheesecake artists Olivia (Olivia De Bernardis). Note, don't  do a search on her at work.

Close up of Eli from Let the Right One In, one of the best movies I've seen recently. And after some real stinkers like Mesa of Lost Women, it's nice to go back to a film that doesn't make you resentful motion pictures were invented in the first place.

Soledad Miranda, in a scene from Jess Franco's She Killed in Ecstasy, a film which has no right to be as dull as it is. Still, I'm facinated by this piece of apparel, as it appears to be a lighting fixture hammered flat and worn as a top. I give Franco grief but I do miss that brief period of movie making when fashions like this would nary raise an eyebrow.

Eva Green who is French and awesome. And I want that Serafina Pekkala doll like candy.
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And To All A Good Night... [Dec. 25th, 2008|12:17 am]
[Current Music |Grace Jones]

Merry Christmas!

And A Happy New Year.

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Hey! We Did! [Nov. 5th, 2008|01:54 am]

Nice job everybody. The refrain of this campaign was Yes We Can. But I think the most important word turned out to be "No". No to ignorance, to fear, to outright lies. We had the absolute worst of our national character exposed during this election. But in the end we said no, we would not give into it. But instead choose to honor what's best in us and each other. I'm proud to be living here at this moment. Let's get cracking.
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Cake and Fake [Sep. 12th, 2008|05:14 pm]
I got my birthday cake today, I'm saving it for tomorrow but I needed cheering up. I'm coming to a rather uncomfortable realization. America, it's going to take Sarah Palin eating a puppy whole on live national television for 51 percent of you to stop acting like she's the cutest lil' button Alaska ever thawed out isn't it? It is? Well good to know then. Meredith is having it's student body elections too. Among the cadidates who genuinely want it, genuinely want it on their resume, and genuinely like making campaign signs with lots of glitter we've got a few Palin-ettes. Their highly glossed lips pulled tight as they speak to you trying to tamp down the loathing they feel for you in every fiber on their being. I wonder if underneath lies a candy pink hyperalloy combat chassis. But I wonder that about far too many people for it to be healthy anyway.
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Paul Newman's Eyes [Jul. 1st, 2008|10:45 am]
Back when AMC was worth a damn there was a summer where Long Hot Summer  was on constant rotation. And my dad got cable so on the weekends we would spend with him every time it played he, my sister, and I would watch it. They're doing a fiftieth anniversary showing of the film and Dad invited me over to dinner to watch it. It'll feel like I'm fifteen all over again, cube steak sandwiches and being helplessly in love with Paul Newman. Wall-E was superb, easily Pixar's best work to date and with a generosity of spirit to all its characters mechanical and otherwise. The preceding short set the tone  of the evening and was a worthy successor to some of the more antic Looney Tunes shorts. It speaks well to taking a bit of the film's anti consumerist, but non preachy, message to heart when after I raved that this would finally push me to get a bluray player and and hdtv I realized that I should just try to catch it on the screen once or twice more as that will be the acme of  the presentation of its breathtaking space set pieces and just get the regular dvd which will play crisp and bright on my computer monitor. And after a typically abominable, chicken grease splattered day at work I bought a little fern plant. I always want something alive in my room. My orchid plant didn't die, they're remarkably hardy, but that's it for it for a while until it decides to bloom again. The fern will tide me over until I can get to the nifty greenhouse in Etowah run by a very cool couple who specialize in orchids. They're another bit of extraordinary in the grey ordinary that I snatch and file away for my stories. I dig anybody who does their own thing without apology and without hurting anyone.
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Universal Healthwhere? [Apr. 27th, 2008|05:59 pm]
[Current Music |"The Big Sky" Kate Bush]

Rather than play catch up over the past month, I'll let Steve do the talking for this one...

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Aw Patrick [Mar. 6th, 2008|12:26 am]

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This Meme Followed Me Home From School... [Jan. 30th, 2008|11:18 pm]
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